Monday, November 30, 2009

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kast-a-way swimwear in brief

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Should You Exercise When You’re Sick?

This is something I wonder about as I ponder going to the gym with the sniffles or even a headache – am I only hurting myself more? Is there any benefit to my workout if I’m sick? I found this recent Jockology article very useful. Found via the Sweat Science blog, the article gives some quick tips, a graph that I ended up stealing, and a short review of scientific articles on the topic.

In short, moderate exercise can improve your immune function as explained by the “J-Curve” hypothesis. Simply put, subjects will show decreased risk of infection when engaging in moderate exercise. Conversely, risk of infection will dramatically increase if the exercise dose is excessive. Intuitively this makes sense – if you provide moderate stress on your body, you can expect that it will be “ready” to take on a cold or flu infection. However, if you are overly fatigued, your body will become more vulnerable.

Since it is difficult to get ethical approval and volunteers for a proper study, most of the research has been done on mice. In 1998, research conducted at Ball State University involved intentionally infecting volunteers with rhinovirus (the common cold) and then “put them through a series of treadmill tests at the peak of their illness” (source). Continue reading the Jockology article on The Globe And Mail to find out what happened.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Cyber Monday! Online Shopping Deals At Kast-A-Way Swimwear

Cyber Monday is predicted to be the online equivalent of Black Friday this holiday shopping season. If you are online at work, take some time away from LOLCats to check out the Web Specials section of

As announced earlier this morning on the eNewsletter, there is an additional sale on grab bag lycra suits. Now through December 6th, you can get female lycra sale suits for $25, male lycra sale briefs for $13, and male lycra sale jammers for $18. No coupons, no secret internet codes, and no minimum number to buy! This deal is for web orders only – check out the online flyer for more information.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hug A Swimmer Day Facebook Event: 30,000+ Attending

hug a swimmer day

Wow! I just saw this shared via Topping Point on Facebook. It’s a simple Facebook event with an open invitation for Hug A Swimmer Day on December 1, 2009. As of right now there are 34,280 confirmed attending this worldwide event. Feel the love!

Open question to the 5,595 people ‘Maybe Attending’… what are you waiting for?

Looking for Hug A Swimmer Day 2010? Read my latest post: Hug A Swimmer Day Grows In Popularity

Saturday, November 28, 2009

2009 FINA Synchro World Trophy USA Thematic Duet Performance

world trophy synchro

The 2009 FINA Synchro World Trophy is currently underway in Montreal, Canada. According to the FINA release, competitions will be held in 5 categories: Synchro Highlight Routine, Thematic Duet, Solo, Thematic Team and Combination (source). Here is a look at a snowy USA Thematic Duet performed to the song Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum.

What a great routine! The snowballs were a fun addition. If anyone knows more about the performance, please help me out in the comments section. According to a YouTube comment, both of these girls are only 16 years old!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hanging Up Your Wetsuit For Winter? General Care Guide

wetsuit care folding a wet suit

Susan sent me a link to Proper Wetsuit Care on, which refers to the original article written by the retail site USA Triathlon Wetsuits.

Here’s a list of general care instructions for drying, hanging, storing, or traveling with your wetsuit:

  • Rinse inside and out with fresh water after each use paying close attention to the zipper area.
  • Hang to dry inside out on a thick padded hangar (not wire). Do not leave your wetsuit in the direct sunlight.
  • Store your dry wetsuit in a cool dry place, laying flat folded across the waist.
  • For travel, fold your wetsuit according to the following diagram. Do not fold your wetsuit lengthwise.

For the list of what NOT to do, read the rest of this post at USA Triathlon Wetsuits.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Swimming Themed Photography By Skeleton Arts Studio

My friend Justin sent me a link to one of these photos, so I was interested to read more about the creator listed simply as “Skeleton”. As described by their agent, Norman Maslov, Skeleton is a “digital art studio based in San Francisco which specializes in creating original works of art as well as collaborating with photographers, art directors and designers requiring assistance fulfilling their visions on challenging projects” (source).

Some of their work has a fantastic aquatics theme! Check out a few samples below, or look to Norman Maslov or

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Liam Tancock Hopes Duel Will Create Household Names

liam tancock british swimming

British swimmer Liam Tancock, 50m Backstroke World Champion, was recently named to the E-Stars team – the name under which swimming stars from England, Italy, and Germany will compete in the Europe vs. USA Duel In The Pool this December. Together, the E-Stars are comprised of 14 British, 14 Italian and 8 German swimmers.

In a BBC Sports article, Liam said that British swimmers have been doing very well and getting more national attention for it. “If we can make household names and make swimming a bit more of a showcase, more enjoyable, so much the better,” says Tancock.

Check out the full E-Stars roster posted on Swimming World.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Eamon Sullivan Hangs Up His Bodysuit

eamon sullivan hangs up his bodysuit

Photos via Eamon Sullivan on TwitPic

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here Come The Water Babies

water babies swimming

It’s like a swimmer baby-boom! In the past week I’ve seen posts from my blogger colleagues about two high profile baby stories: Jason Lezak and his wife Danielle gave birth to Ryan Nathan Lezak on Tuesday afternoon, and Laure Manaudou is pregnant with Fr

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