Saturday, September 18, 2010

Are Strokemaker Paddles Distraction Proof? A Case Study

strokemaker paddles

Stokemaker paddles only come with an 8×5 single-sided instruction sheet, 33 inches of rubber tube, and the paddles themselves. I wanted to put the paddles to the test – not in the water – but in my living room. This post was originally going to be titled “Are Strokemaker Paddles Idiot Proof?” but then I changed the wording for the sake of my ego. Convinced that I was, in fact, NOT an idiot, I put the paddles through a distraction test. Here’s what I found…

strokemaker paddles

Family Guy was on TV, so I turned the volume way up. I dumped the contents of my Strokemaker assembly kit out on the table, and went looking for some scissors (I told you I wasn’t an idiot). I found some very pre-school looking safety scissors and decided to keep looking. I went into the kitchen and found cooking sheers nestled in the knife rack. Perfect! While I was in the kitchen I decided to have a snack: Diet Coke and almonds.

diet coke and almonds

Back to the paddles… I faintly remember the words “into thirds,” “cut” and “DIAGONAL” (in all caps) on the instruction sheet. I cut the 33 inches of tube into 3 equal sections. That’s as far as I got before my cat (Sasha Cohen) did something cute and I had to take a picture of her!

sasha cohen strokemaker paddles

Back to the paddles! I cut one of the wrist tubes in half to make two finger tubes. I’m pretty sure whoever came up with this standard equation for wrist to finger tube ratio should have a movie made about them. Maybe call it “A Beautiful Mind 2,” and get that Russell Crowe guy again, he’s Australian so I bet he can swim.

strokemaker paddles

Now you just feed the tubes through the holes and you’re done. No need to cut anything else! So how’d I do?

strokemaker paddles

This proves that Strokemaker Paddles really are distraction proof. Family Guy is still on, I finished my Diet Coke, and I have a strange urge to start a Russell Crowe DVD marathon.

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