Monday, May 3, 2010

Australian National Drugs Campaign Marijuana Swimmer Ad

Marijuana swimmer ad

This Australian Government National Drugs Campaign ad has a clear message: Smoking marijuana wastes potential. The additional text of the ad reads, “all those years of training can soon be wiped out by the lifestyle associated with marijuana smoking. And the damage to your lungs won’t help either.”

The ad features the visual of a burnt-out-looking swimmer sitting on the side of a pool alone – his reflection is an athletic swimmer celebrating in front of a cheering crowd.

Because swimming is such a popular sport in Australia, relating to adolescents through this sport seems like a good marketing technique. However, the online social media community is quick to draw a parallel between the anti-marijuana swimmer ad and Michael Phelps’ Bong-Gate, possibly the most infamous marijuana story in sports history.

marijuana swimmer ad

The unintended irony is not lost to the over 500 Digg users who boosted the image from a post. However, although the image is regarded as humorous by some, in the end it is only increasing the exposure of the anti-drug campaign – after all that’s how I found it!

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Rich C says:

I swam at a very high international level for many years. Half of the top athletes I knew smoked a blunt like a champ. Remember Nelson Diebel in ’92… killed it and Im thinking he was high while they put the gold medal around his neck. These ads never work. Teach your kids to be responsible, not fear fear fear.

JL's Hemp Network says:

More propaganda against a legitimate plant that is sadly grouped in with the terrible chemically altered substances. I was a collegiate volleyball player, coached high school, had a 3.6 gpa in college, never missed a day of work or school, and still remember what I wore on the first day of primary school. If you let life dictate you, it will eat you alive. Be your own person. You are in command of where you will head in life.