Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garrett Weber-Gale, Athletic Foodie, Takes Job In Italian Kitchen

garrett weber-gale italian kitchen

What’s a trip to Italy without swimming in the fastest swim meet in history AND getting a job in an Italian kitchen? Following the conclusion of the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome, Garrett’s dad, Mark, began filling us in with blog posts about what his son is up to:

“He’s spending a couple weeks in the kitchen at a Castello delle Regine in Umbria. Friends from the Bartollota Restaurant Group here in Milwaukee made the connection. Garrett’s task? Learn as much as he can about cooking, restaurants, Italian food, the production of olive oil and wine. It’s a rare and privileged opportunity.” (source)

garrett weber-gale cooking

It looks like Garrett has found a way to continue blogging since the start of his new job, because he has written some more recent updates. You can follow Garret’s cooking adventure on his blog: Food And Water With Garrett Weber-Gale

Or on SwimNetwork.com: Garrett’s Blog

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