Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Garrett Weber-Gale Getting His Feet Wet As Career Foodie

garrett weber-gale cooking show
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An article by the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Online titled Looking beyond swimming career, Olympian Weber-Gale has 5-year plan for fame in food talks about Garrett’s training in the kitchen on his road to becoming a foodie icon.

With the passion of an Olympic athlete, Garrett has already been training hard, and taking risks – spending weeks in an Italian kitchen, and already making appearances in episodes of Wisconsin Foodie.

garrett weber-gale athletic foodie

The photos from show Garrett on the set filming 13 one-minute episodes of “Athletic Foodies” which will begin airing Oct. 13 on WDJT-TV.

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Mark Gale says:

Nice post. I think the first shows actually air on October 11. Garrett will be sure to notify people on his blog: