Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jetlev Flyer: Water Jetpack Adds New Dimension To Watersports

jetlev flyer water jetpack

I just saw the Jetlev Flyer (aka water jetpack) on the Discovery Channel. This thing looks like a lot of fun! It works just like you think it should, pushing the pilot airborne with huge jets of water.

jetlev flyer water jetpack

Each stream of water has a lifting force of 400-500 pounds, which is enough to lift this dude sky high. The only problem: you need to stay attached to a rubber hose that supplies the water to the pack. You can fly anywhere as long as you keep your pump raft in tow.

jetlev flyer water jetpack

The promotional video (below) has everything: fast music, dynamic camera movements, and a chick in a bikini who doesn’t actually ride the jetpack in the video.

jetlev flyer water jetpack

The Jetlev Flyer can be yours for the low low MSRP of 129,000 euro ($179,000).

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1 Comment:

Gel Bikini says:

Wow! Haven’t seen anything like this before, I want one!