Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Logo Documentary: Synchronized Swimming, Now Available Online

logo documentary synchronized swimming

Logo TV aired a full 1-hour documentary simply called “Synchronized Swimming” over the weekend. I missed the original showing, but I just found out the entire documentary is available online (here).

logo documentary synchronized swimming

Here’s part of the email I got from Shawn at Logo TV:

Go below the surface and join the dazzling divers of Synchronized Swimming. Two teams of hopeful girls-and one ambitious boy-battle it out in a stunning display of grace, beauty, and fabulousness. Following the team’s preparation for their climactic U.S. open performance, the documentary explores the training, team bonding, and adversity encountered by the athletes. With all its breathtaking splendor and ferocious competition, Synchronized Swimming is sure to make a splash.

I haven’t watched the entire show yet, but I already love the tone and cinematography! You really get a taste of the culture behind the sport, not just the Olympic media package highlights.

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