Monday, November 2, 2009

Caitlin Kinney Has Her Copy Of TOPPING POINT, Do You?

I’ve gotten a chance to check in with Jack Kubacki, swimming star of the promotional short film Topping Point, after his summer in L.A. But what has dancer Caitlin Kinney been doing since appearing in the film and finishing her season on So You Think You Can Dance?

caitlin kinney so you think you can dance

Since September, Caitlin has been on tour with the rest of the Top 20 from SYTYCD Season 5. The Season 5 Tour will continue through November 21st, 2009 with a final stop in Everett, Washington.

caitlin kinney topping point

Caitlin managed to pick up her own copy of the short film Topping Point during her busy tour schedule. You can find out more about the film by becoming a fan of the Facebook Page.

Below is one of my favorite dances performed by Caitlin during SYTYCD Season 5, the now famous ‘Jai Ho’ Ballywood dance:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interview With Jack Kubacki, Lead Role In Swimming Short Film

jack kubacki topping point

My AOL Instant Messenger interview with Jack took place on Sunday, August 16th, 2009 at 7:00pm. Jack played Adam Rand in the recently released short film version of Topping Point. A feature length movie of the same title is currently in development by Ontracc, LLC.

EricT: Jack thanks for taking some time to talk with me this evening!

Jack: Anytime

EricT: What have you been up to since you finished shooting the short film?

Jack: I returned home from Houston and finished up my spring semester. I had kept in touch with Scott [note: Scott Ellison, Co-Owner/Director] and others from Ontracc and decided to move to Los Angeles for the summer. I was living out there from the beginning of June, right after my sister’s high school graduation, and returned to Reading, PA in early August.
Jack: I’ve been keeping busy, with swimming especially. I really want my senior year to be great.

EricT: So you still kept up with training out in LA?

Jack: Yeah, Scott and I were originally training at the USC pool in the morning but moved to Santa Monica College out of convenience. Scott is a dedicated guy, and I was able to help him improve his swimming while also having someone to motivate me to stay in the water on a regular basis amidst all distractions of LA.
Jack: I thought this summer was successful, I am in much better shape now than I normally am entering college swim season. I think that is why I am so excited about this year.

EricT: That’s great!
EricT: So did you plan your own workouts, or did your coach send you anything he wanted you to get done?

Jack: For the most part I planned my own workouts. I take most of my coach

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Production Photos from BROKEN

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

broken swimming short film

[Update 5-13-09: Broken name changed to Topping Point which reflects the title of the full-length feature film TOPPING POINT that is currently in development.]

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