Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kast-A-Way Swimwear: Keeping Up with a Growing Sport

greensboro aquatic center swimming north carolina

The sport of swimming fluctuates in popularity, and usually experiences an increase following the Olympic cycle. According to a survey by the National Sporting Goods Association, swimming is the 3rd most popular sport based on participation (not necessarily formal participation on a team).

In fact, an estimated 51,900,000 people (age 7 and up) participated in swimming during 2010, an increase of 3.4% since 2008. (Participation, based on the survey parameters, means swimming at least 6 times during the year). The only “sports” ahead of swimming were Exercising with Equipment and Exercise Walking.

More swimmers means more swimsuits, and an opportunity to reach new communities. Recently, Kast-A-Way Swimwear was awarded the chance to open a retail Pro Shop inside the new Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. As construction draws to a close, the GAC will become a state-of-the-art aquatics facility with 3 pools and a seating capacity of 2,500. The facilities should be open to the public on September 12, following a Grand Opening celebration the last week of August.

greensboro aquatic center swimming north carolina

The GAC already has plans to host the YMCA National Short Course Swimming Championship competition on April 2, 2012, and the 2012 USMS Spring Nationals.

greensboro aquatic center swimming north carolina

For more information on the Greensboro Aquatic Center, visit, or follow the GAC on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top 6 Most Tattooed Swimmers

Who are the most tattooed swimmers? Has the title changed hands? From personal experience, I can tell you that tattoos are definitely addicting, so the arms race for the most ink is always up for grabs.

I did a very thorough internet search for the most tattooed aquatic athletes, including synchronized swimmers and water polo players. I limited the search to elite level athletes that you might have a chance to see in the media.

I hope I didn’t miss any! If you know of an elite aquatic athlete with a lot of tattoos, post a link in the comments section. Now allow me to present the Top 6 Most Tattooed Swimmers in no particular order:

Franziska van Almsick (German Swimmer)
Franziska van Almsick tattoo

Anastasia Davydova (Russian Synchronized Swimmer)
Anastasia Davydova tattoo


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming Skit

Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming Skit

Heidi sent me this YouTube video of a Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming Skit. Funny stuff! The only description of the video is “Having fun with retirement…” I guess boredom is a powerful force. These guys show that “senior status” hasn’t dulled their sense of humor!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What Do Synchronized Swimming, a Hoola Hoop, and Metallica Have In Common?

Beatrice Adelizzi synchronized swimming to metallica

They were all featured in Beatrice Adelizzi’s Solo Exhibition at the FINA Synchronised Swimming World Trophy taking place in Moscow, Russia. For the first time, the exhibitions were not judged.

According to the report from, Beatrice swam to the song “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica, and used a Hoola Hoop sized ring in her event. She “swam with intensity and careful details such as a half-painted dark face and a black-covered leg accentuated her theme.”

This is the only photo (here) that I could find! I can’t wait to see the video of this performance, I hope it gets posted soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Logo Documentary: Synchronized Swimming, Now Available Online

logo documentary synchronized swimming

Logo TV aired a full 1-hour documentary simply called “Synchronized Swimming” over the weekend. I missed the original showing, but I just found out the entire documentary is available online (here).

logo documentary synchronized swimming

Here’s part of the email I got from Shawn at Logo TV:

Go below the surface and join the dazzling divers of Synchronized Swimming. Two teams of hopeful girls-and one ambitious boy-battle it out in a stunning display of grace, beauty, and fabulousness. Following the team’s preparation for their climactic U.S. open performance, the documentary explores the training, team bonding, and adversity encountered by the athletes. With all its breathtaking splendor and ferocious competition, Synchronized Swimming is sure to make a splash.

I haven’t watched the entire show yet, but I already love the tone and cinematography! You really get a taste of the culture behind the sport, not just the Olympic media package highlights.

Friday, July 23, 2010

2009 NCAA Aquatic Sport Participation Infographic

Infographics are all the rage! Check out the blog Information Is Beautiful for some examples of other types of infographics. I felt inspired so I decided to create my own on the topic of NCAA Aquatic Sport Participation (download source statistics).

Not to play the blame game, but when you visualize the stats as a graphic, you can really see how few NCAA athletes are playing aquatic sports. I wish I could make a similar graphic with budget distribution but I don’t have the data. Remember, because it’s an infographic, everything is perfectly to scale – enjoy!

2009 NCAA Aquatic sport participation infographic swimming

Monday, March 22, 2010

Creative Use Of Props, Or The Most Intense Women’s Water Polo Game Ever!

Brazil thematic team synchronized swimming

Found via @sureh2o, this photo is from the 2009 FINA World Trophy for synchronized swimming, where Brazil competes in a Thematic Team event. Photo source: Synchro Canada Flickr photostream.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Synchrogators Checking In From The 2010 North Zone Synchronized Swimming Meet

cincinnati ymca synchrogators

I’m almost a week behind on this post, but better late than never right! The Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators are attending (were attending) the 2010 North Zone Synchronized Swimming Meet in Denver, CO from March 4-7. The North Zone is a 15 state region and approximately 200-250 synchronized swimmers in 13-15, 16/17, and 18/19 age groups.

Synchrogator parent, CJ Connor, sent in a field report from the meet:

Marth 4th, 2010

All is well in Denver. Everyone arrived safely on the 13/15 team. Except for a brief incident at the airport – we lost a coach for just a few minutes- everyone had a great trip. The hotel is nice and the girls all had a team dinner at IHOP last night.

Up early and off to solos at 7:30 this morning. The first Synchrogator 13/15 solo was the feisty Jekyll and Hyde solo, followed by the inspiring Josh Groban solo, and last but not least the Spiderman routine. All did a beautiful job as the pictures show (I hope). 16/19 solos followed with our single soloist performing her lovely Pride and Prejudice solo.

After lunch, duets for 13/15′s began with the dynamic KA duet, followed by the Calebra duet. Last to perform was the exciting piano duet. Everyone also got a critique from Charlotte (sorry, don’t know her last name), a national coach.

The girls are returning from the pool anytime now, the coaches made them stay after competition for some additional pool time. Talk about grumpy girls! The mountain air takes a bit of getting used too, with many girls leaving the pool after their routines, very out of breath. Hopefully, this will pass.

cincinnati ymca synchrogators

For more Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogator posts, click the synchrogator tag. Visit for more photos from the event!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogator Team to Compete at North Zone Synchronized Swimming Championship Meet

Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators will be competing in North Zone Synchronized Swimming Championship Meet in Aurora, Co March 4-7 2010

Press Release

Cincinnati, OH (February, 25, 2010)

Monday, December 14, 2009

World Class Aquatic Training Center In The Works For Greater Cincinnati Area

A state-of-the-art aquatic training facility for the Greater Cincinnati Area is in the pre-planning stages! I just found out about this from Susan, who is the secretary on the board of directors for the project. Check out some of the information I found on the website:

Swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming are growing sports nationwide that help children and adults stay healthy, safe and fit. Several Olympic swimmers and divers have come from the Cincinnati area, including Dan Ketchum (2004), Nate Dusing (2000), Joe Hudepohl (1996, 1992), Becky Ruehl (1996), and Kim Rodenbaugh (1984).

The Issue: Most Southwest Ohio schools do not have a pool. In fact, most of the swim clubs do not even have access to an Olympic size training pool, and diving wells are even scarcer.

Our Mission: To provide the Greater Cincinnati Aquatic Community a World Class Teaching Facility – featuring multiple state-of-the-art pools and a tower diving well – designed to enhance swimming and diving instruction, host competitive events and offer user friendly amenities for participants, families and event organizers.

Here are just some of the features this new facility would have:

  • A 50 meter Olympic size pool designed for speed
  • A separate dive well with multiple 1 and 3 meter springboards as well as a full complement of diving platforms (1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters) and “Bubbler” system that can also be used as a warm-up and warm-down pool for swim meets
  • Additional features and amenities to attract water polo, synchronized swimming, and other aquatic sports and activities
  • Weight training area, dryland training area, overhead safety spotting harnesses, under-water windows, and many other training aids
  • Abundance of room for spectators and media, which will enable the facility to host regional and national competitions

Please contact Bob Farr for more information. (513) 532-3867,

I obviously like the fact that a fully-equipped diving well is planned, along with dryland areas. Aside from that, I completely agree that the Cincinnati area could use a world class facility that isn’t associated with a school or recreation center. We need an aquatic facility that puts elite training first and family fun days second.

The bullet point that speaks to media and spectator space is very important as well. One of the main criticisms I have of the natatorium at Miami University is the lack of spectator seating. If it weren’t for a lack of seating, the Miami pool would be worthy of holding national events. Any new pool that is being planned should take this into consideration.

The website has more information on the short term goals of the planning phase. Donations are tax deductible, and volunteer positions are still waiting to be filled – so if you want to bring this aquatic training center to Cincinnati, please get involved.

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